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The Coveted Blue Tick.

As a verified artist, you can personalize your artist page on JioSaavn. Update your image and bio, publish ‘Made By’ playlists for your fans, and even pitch your music to JioSaavn editors for playlisting.

The Secret Sauce Behind Streams.

Get access to useful data - the streaming milestones your releases rake in, your tracks ranked in comparison to each other, the evolution of your art, your fans and superfans, and more.

Move Together with Your Fans.

Stay informed about the dynamics of your audience - their age, gender, city, and country. Then, use these demographics to promote your music better, and plan your tours and gigs.

Make Your Music Move.

Release short looping videos to engage your listeners through JioSaavn Shorties. A song with a supporting Shortie has better engagement. Go ahead, give your music the boost it deserves.

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It is a passport to the insight of my audience on JioSaavn and a brilliant way for me to understand the quantitative aspects of music streaming. My favorite features have to be song performance comparison over different periods of time and my other songs along with learning about the impact of track seeding in different JioSaavn editorial playlists.

- Armaan Malik

I've only very recently started to use the interface and am still exploring it. I love that the data is more pictographic rather than statistical, it makes the visual appeal of the site so much more fun! The platform really helps in planning upcoming releases, tours and also inspires my songwriting too!

- Nikhita Gandhi

The data allows us to work on better marketing strategies and build stronger outreach plans for our music. While social media stats help us learn about where/what our audiences are but Artist Insights takes us closer to them: we get the top cities where our music is being streamed, what songs fans are listening to, how they are discovering us on the app and much more.

- Rishab from Lost Stories

The platform is so easy to use and navigate. It’s great to see the ‘most streamed’ ranking in the overview. Combined with the top cities and top songs, it helps me understand my listeners’ current preferences. And based on the songs that users are streaming most, I can make decisions to create content for my social media platforms that resonate with listeners.

- Jonita Gandhi

It is important for any musician & their team to have access to essential information as provided by the platform. The insights do play a vital role in identifying the age, gender as well as distribution of listeners across cities which helps us promote our music & music videos in a more targeted manner as well as identify parameters for paid promotions.

Our favourite features on the platform are the Rankings and Superfan sections.

- When Chai Met Toast

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